Monday, 10 February 2014

Soap Making Courses in Sydney-Skin Care Courses at Rouse Hill NSW

Contact: LEE
Mobile: 0413 927 960
Phone: 02 8824 4323
Venue: 24 Glen Abbey St., ROUSE HILL, NSW 2155
Required: Payment thru Bank Deposit for attendance confirmation

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There is no other way to describe this workshop but EXTREMELY AWESOME!
Learn to Make traditional Olive Oil "Castile" soap and Goats Milk Soap at our workshop studio located at 24 Glen Abbey Street, Rouse Hill, NSW. Bring a friend or just come on your own and learn the craft of Soap Making.

No previous soap making experience is necessary, but even experienced soapers (soap makers) will still learn plenty of new techniques and tricks on these workshop packages.

What Workshop Participants say about our workshop:
"Hi Lee, I would like to say a big thank you to you and your sister for the fantastic day we spent learning about soap making.  It was fantastic!!!! My sister and I really enjoyed it.  Hoping to start making my own soap at home."Kind Regards,Lena
Whether you just want to make a couple of batches for your family or friend or you would like to set up own soap & skin care business, this is the ideal course to help you broaden & realise your soap making dreams.

What to expect in any of our Soap Making Workshops (CP & HP)?
*Types of Soap making
*Materials, ingredients and equipment
*Safety aspects of working with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
*Choosing oils in Soap Making
*How to use lye calculators
*Coloring soap naturally using herbs & spices
*Using pure essential oils to fragrance your soap effectively
*How to create layers & sculpted layers, swirl effects
*Lining & Preparation of your moulds and moulding options
*Insulating, cutting, curing and storing your finished soap

This full hands-on workshop is where you will learn to make beautiful moisturising soaps using all natural ingredients.  If you want to make luscious natural glycerine rich soaps using traditional oils, organic butters and pure essential oils from scratch, the traditional way of Cold Process Soap Making Workshop is the right way to be.  Learn how to use a wide range of herb and natural botanicals effectively in your hand crafted 
Come now & join us - Just be yourself & be willing  to experience the joy of handcrafting soaps from scratch.

See Photos of OTHER COURSES offered here with details & Cost FEE:

A Cold Process ORGANIC SOAP MAKING Workshop in Rouse Hill, NSW

Swirly-Kissy Cold Process Soap Making Workshop
Fee:  $ 175 (AUD)

Cold & Hot Process Soap Making + Lotion Crafting Package
Updated Course Fee:  $ 200 (AUD)

Lotion Crafting + Organic Blooming Face Mist & Face Creme
Fee:  $ 195 (+ 20% of Fee, for a ONE-ON-ONE Tutorial)

Spa Quality Organic Body & Face Scrubs + Face & Body Mask
Fee:  $ 225 (AUD)

Olive Castile Liquid Soaps + Organic Lotion Crafting
Updated Fee:  $ 225 (AUD)

3 Days Soap Making & Skin Care Boot Camp
Fee:  $ 455 (AUD)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Natural Soap Making Workshop in Manila

Manila Soap Making Workshop Australian Way
100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

HOW MUCH?   Ph 3,800
WHEN: Call for Appointment
Time: 10am till 3:30pm
WHERE: 1757 Maria Clara Street, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

How to book an appointment?
Please send an SMS: 0922-814-1867 (look for Che)  *  0915 395 7922 (look for Yolly)

REQUIRED: (Ph 300.00) PAYMENT for ATTENDANCE CONFIRMATION, for Deposit on our BDO Account

How to Make Cold Process & Hot Process Soap?
Making your own soap at home is a very easy process, it will just involve safety and care when handling lye and heated oils.

The reasons why some people choose to make their own soaps are:*They can make 100% vegan soap that has not been tested on any animals
*Their soap is chemical free
*They can add any fragrance they like from simple essential oils to complex fragrance oils
*They can use up extra oils they have in their home
*They can make soap extra mild to help with any skin complaints
*Home made soap contains natural glycerin which is usually removed during commercial soap manufacturing. Glycerin is a natural emollient that helps with the lather and moisturizes the skin.
*Some people use up left over animals fats to maintain waste free lives

Many people who wonder how to make soap but don t know where to start. Making soap is actually a pretty straightforward process that uses a lot of tools and ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

* Learn Cold Process & Hot Process Soap Making (Hands-On Experience!)
* How to use: Soap Colorants, Soap Additives, Fragrances, Essential Oils,
* PLUS!!!! - Learn how to make your own Fresh Goat Milk Lotion/Moisturizer for Hand & Body
* Soap Stamping Techniques
* Working with Milk on Cold Process Soap
* Bring your 500g handmade soaps after the workshop.
* Free Light Lunch & Snack
* Unlimited Consultation by Lee Strachan of Caress By Nature Australia

Course Outline:
- What is soap?
- Soap making process
- Safety and equipment
- Selecting essential oils, fragrances & botanicals
- recipes and step-by-step instructions

- All equipment, utensils and ingredients
- Course notes
- Tea, coffee & a light lunch
- CBN Australia products available for purchase at a discount

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